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hidratación en la infancia

The important of water during this stage

The importance of hydration during infancy

The days of children running to the nearest faucet after playing are long gone. Children drink less and less water and more and more sugary drinks such as sodas. These can increase the risk of infantile obesity and type 2 diabetes. Hydration becomes essential for infants and young children so they can have long and healthy lives. That is why incorporating a healthy habit of drinking water should be taught at an early age.

Water is essential for life. You can survive without food for a few days but your body is not prepared for long term storage of water. Consequently, water is the most essential nutrient for the development and growth of children. Without it, vitamin and food absorption would significantly decrease.

Without water, your body simply cannot carry out its normal day to day functions. Over half of your body weight is simply due to water and a person cannot go for more than a day or two without it. This is due to your body requiring water for its most essential functions. For example, your blood contains large amounts of water and it allows your cells to carry oxygen to every part of your body. If you have ever held your breath, you’d know just how essential oxygen is to your survival. A decrease in the ability to transport oxygen is extremely dangerous.

How much water should children drink?

It is vital to form the habit of drinking water in small children. We all know it is good for them but we can sometimes neglect the most important stage of all: babies. Babies cannot ask for water as they do not have the ability to talk yet. This means they can become extremely dehydrated without us even knowing what is wrong. It is important that parents stay on top of their children’s water consumption as they sometimes lack the tools and abilities to ask for it. Lastly, taking into account the temperature is also vital as increased heat leads to increased loss of fluids, accelerating the dehydration process.

Todos sabemos que es muy bueno que los niños beban agua, pero algunos no la piden porque todavía no hablan y no saben cómo hacerlo, sobre todo, los bebés. ¿Qué cantidad de agua necesitan los niños? Es muy importante que los padres estén atentos para satisfacer su demanda y que los niños estén bien hidratados, ya que por sus movimientos, los niños pierden mucha agua durante el día.

Don’t take of the pressure

  • Water is vital for children especially during infancy as small children lose water much quicker than adults.
  • Keep a healthy diet of fruits and vegetable as they have a high water content.
  • Your child should consume vast amounts of water when they are sick. As their body tries to fight the disease they can lose an even greater amount of water than they already do.

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