Private Water Sources

pozos de agua privados

Private Water Sources

More about private sources

Problems with water usually manifest as a foul taste, odor or color. However, there exists the risk of a smaller and indetectable toxin. Due to this, we recommend a full analysis of your water.
When it comes to private springs there are no laws requiring the cleaning and maintenance of water. Especially if it is only used by a small number of people. Despite this lack of regulation, your water can still become highly contaminated. This is why we recommend the following for those in this situation
• Test your water
• Test your water yearly, you never know what bacteria could be growing.
• Test your water every three years for chemical contamination.
• Inspect the surrounding area monthly so as to detect any new sources of contamination.
• If there are any chemical spills in the area you should immediately test your water.

Potential Mineral Deposits

There exists a whole host of minerals that can be a nuisance when it comes to water
purification. These include:

• Calcium
• Iron
• Bacteria and Viruses
• Manganese
• Acidic Water
• Sulfur

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