Is tap water healthy?

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Three water experts offer their opinion

You become the filter.

Silvia Ruiz, founder of the Divina Natura Space.

“If you don’t filter water before drinking you become the filter. Chlorine, fluorine, nitrates, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, hormones … tap water contains all of these contaminants and we ingest them every time we take a sip of water”. How can we solve this problem? For this expert, activated carbon is the answer.

“Filters which use activated carbon waste little to no water and do not require electricity. They eliminate all heavy and lightweight contaminants such as chlorine alongside other impurities, bettering the quality and taste of your water. The efficient removal of heavy contaminants (organic material like humus and algae) can be done cheaply thanks to pre-filters and, if need be, they can also extend the life and capacity of the activated carbon we saw before”, she concludes.

“It’s best to avoid drinking water directly from the tap”.

María Elvira Sánchez, Nutritionist and Diet Expert.

“The quality of the water that we consume is vital given that water is an excellent conductor for particles (sediments, sand, shavings), chemicals (organic and inorganic) and bacteria (protozoa, viruses, bacteria).” Radon gas, mercury, algae, lead, MBTE … this expert gives us a long list of substances which are potentially dangerous for our health which include, chloramine or fluorine which is commonly used in municipal water treatment facilities.

“Once we recognize that complete security or a 0 risk environment is simply not possible, my answer to this problem is to avoid consuming water from the tap because is presents a health risk” , Sanchez remarks.

  1. Maria Elvira is a supporter of at-home water treatment systems but they must filter inorganic material, metals and minerals
  2. The elimination of possible bacterial contaminants
  3. Efficient water usage

“Bottled water is not a safe option”.

Alejandra Fraile, health Coach.

Can it be an alternative if we don’t want to install a filter? According to Alejandra, when it comes to bottled water “the risk comes from the material in which it is packed since most bottled water comes in PC (polycarbonate) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). It has been shown that these materials can (in high concentrations) be harmful to us especially if they (bottles) are exposed to heat or sunlight.”

Lastly, Alejandra reminds us about the importance of water in our lives. “We can live for many days without food but we cannot go for more than a few hours without water. This precious liquid allows our bodies to carry out vital functions so as to ensure we live the best possible life.”

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