Environmentally Friendly

Amigables con el medio ambiente

Environmentally Friendly

At Juturna we are committed to maintaining and improving our environment alongside our local community aided by the benefits of pure water.

We are committed to provide products and solutions that diminish the impact on our environment whilst still providing the benefits of purified water. Some of our recent innovations include water conditioners, high efficiency water dispensers with zero plastic containers, all of which can improve your home or office space whilst diminishing the waste generated by plastic bottles.

Benefits of purified water on our environment.

The intelligent option for your home, business, health and environment. Our water solutions provide soft and drinkable water with innumerable benefits for our environment. This is all thanks to our commitment to provide products and solutions that diminish the impact that human water consumption has on our environment.

Juturna’s Commitments

Every day we receive calls from schools and other institutions who are desperate to receive drinkable, clean and pure water or face foreclosure. Contaminated water promotes diseases and all the consequences that come with them. These problems have short, mid and long-term consequences. We at Juturna work alongside private donations to help families, businesses and institutions the opportunity of having pure water.

We have chosen an array of schools in Costa Rica that are in dire need of clean, pure and drinkable water and allowed our customers to adopt these schools. Providing them with an inexhaustible source of this precious liquid.

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